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Wedding Rings

Your real love story starts after the vows are taken and the rings are exchanged. So if you have already planned the moment out, then let us take care of the rings. Diamond Jeweller Melbourne brings to you a cache of exemplar wedding rings in breathtaking styles and designs. Crafted with the finest metal and gems, our selection will spoil you for a choice.

Our Best

For the wedding, our selection is eclectic. We reserve the most iconic rings for this section. Our wedding ring collection comprises of nothing but our most stunning top-of-the-line signature rings. In this section, we have the statement-making diamond and sapphire combinations on white metal that are turning heads these days to round cut, vintage rings that are so coveted this year.

But our collection is not just about the present. It encompasses those that are trending as well as the classic golden pieces that are loved equally in all day and age. Mix of gem shapes, rose gold vintage bands, geometric shapes, we have a whole ensemble of designs that bring together the past, present and the future.

We try the best we can to keep variety a constant in all our collections, and for our wedding ring section, we rely only on our best and brightest designers to meet that end.

Customize to Your Heart’s Desire

Indulge in our wedding collection, but do not hesitate to bring your own spin into the mix. We welcome all our buyers to custom-make their rings. Need a design, a gem, a metal? Just ask our Master Jeweller Nick Vrettas and he will assist you in designing the perfect wedding ring to suit your engagement ring. Nick Vrettas will help you personalize the ring, make it cost less, upgrade its gem or metal or anything at all that you might have in mind

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