By this time, we’re all aware that the global pandemic has affected the market. It can never put an end to love or engagements or weddings. No matter if it’s an intimate wedding, or a lavish wedding, choosing the right bling for your wedding is crucial. From the traditional to contemporary designs, many latest engagement rings are on display that impress brides-to-be & couples and designers alike. So, what does our list of engagement rings in melbourne have to offer? Let’s dive deep into these & let you pick the bling that suits you. 

Rings With Hidden Details

Rings with details or a hidden message is an upcoming trend that couples are crazy over. Both of you can have a secret love message to decode. When you combine a love letter with diamonds or any other gemstone, it will be a unique & surprising way to show your love & commitment. For instance, you can have a wedding band with a secret compartment to hide your love note. Or have a ring with an inside locket to open a love book when you press. With customisations available, you can have your personalised wedding ring with a lovely twist.

Band Style Rings

Couples are on the search to find something new and should work in a two-in-one situation. Band style rings are ideal for engagements and weddings as well. A single engraved gemstone rings or a sapphire on a band is receiving the attention it deserves.

Classics Making A Comeback

Nowadays, couples are taking the fashion-forward with popular & classic engagement rings like solitaire rings or 3-stone ring with cuts like round, oval or cushion settings. A delicate band with a single diamond stone that allows the diamond stone to pop up & exquisite detail is what attracts brides and couples.

If you’re looking for fresh designs o classic engagement rings or want to personalise, take a virtual tour of our engagement rings melbourne collections and find your true bling for your wedding. For more design inspirations, call Diamond Jeweller on 03 9122 8595.

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