Halo Rings Melbourne

Halo Rings

Halo rings are arguably one of the most gorgeous entrants in rings. Angelic and vintage, these rings are downright romantic and feminine. Not only do they evoke a sense of antiquity, but halo rings are also supremely glamorous.

We at Diamond Jeweller of Melbourne bring to you a spectrum of halo setting rings that are stunning and stylish.

The History of Halos

If you are wondering exactly at what point these gorgeous rings made entry into the market, you need to go back a few centuries. Contrary to the popular notion, these rings are not recent, nor are they even last century. The halo ring dates back to the early Georgian era. It was in 1920, many years since its origin that the style came to popularity. It is to the Art Deco surge that the halo style owes its undisputed popularity.

Today, halo rings occupy second place to classic solitaires in terms of popularity everywhere.

Customized Halo Rings

We have an enormous selection of halo rings. Our gallery of halo rings is stuffed with choices that range from classic Art Deco to modernist, and custom-made ones.

We have made customization pretty easy for you. Just pick the center gemstone, color and size are entirely your choice, pick a color for the halo and decide on the metal. We will put it together for you by the end of the week. This is when you want to customize a ring that is already there in our gallery.

Some of our buyers like to custom-make their halo rings from the scratch. In that case, they have full independence on all aspects and elements of the ring, namely gems, halos, metals in 18ct white gold-yellow gold and Platinum, geometry, shank and setting styles.

A hallmark of our halo ring collection is coloured center stone. Although we have all-diamond halo rings, our buyers seem to be more drawn towards our coloured gem halo numbers.

Diamond Jeweller of Melbourne stock a range of Coloured stones such as Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Tourmalines, Zircons and Spinels. We love working with these stones!