Diamond Pendants Melbourne

Pendants For Necklaces

Pendants are the charms that make an unassuming workday outfit look groovy. Petite and sparkling, pendants are the life of ordinary day-to-day clothing that can easily look boring and dull.

So, to save you from looking commonplace in workwear we at Diamond Jeweller of Melbourne bring to you a large collection of pendants that you will like instantly and can afford easily.

Diamond Jeweller presents a line of swoon-worthy pendants that are petite and subtle, stylish and stunning, all at once. Take a look at some of the most coveted styles in our pendant collection. There is a style for every occasion.

Pendants for Everyday

The idea that drove us into assembling our particular collection of pendants is variety. We wanted to bring to our buyers something that they can wear during the week, and those special ones that they want to take out for the weekend occasions.

In the first half of our catalogue, you will find diamond pendants of interesting shapes that are arguably fascinating, but not too much to wear to work. Star, ring, heart, snowflake, Y, wavy circle, such shapes dominate the first part of our pendant collection. These are both striking, as well as subtle, something you can wear to look stylish and sophisticated at a small cost.

Pendants for Special Occasions

For weekends, we have very special pieces that easily stand out in the myriad. These are pendants you want to wear on a date night, to a girls’ day out, to the movies, to shopping and on short getaways. Our designers fashion these pendants to fit any occasion with remarkable ease. The defining features of these designs are colors, cascading patterns, statement-making styles and flashy designs.

We also have pendants that meet in the middle. These pendants, charming and fancy can be worn Monday through Sunday, always looking stylish.

Our pendants range from understated to gorgeous and in between. Explore our collection to find something that agrees with your style and taste.

Pendants and necklaces

Here at Diamond Jeweller, we stock a stunning range of Diamond Pendants and Necklaces. Each piece is beautifully finished and only high-quality materials and diamonds are used. We also stock 9t and 18ct white gold, yellow and rose gold chains and necklaces to suit the pendants we stock.

Our pendants for women can also be made and designed for men. We are a 100% inclusive jewellery business.  These pendants for necklaces can be chosen or specially designed to your liking.

We allow our customers a variety of options like:

  • Using any kind of precious stone. Like diamonds, sapphires, rubies etc.
  • Using any kind of precious metal. Like rose gold, platinum, white gold etc.
  • We are able to design and make a pendant to your specific requirements

Pendants for women

We help you create the exact version of your dream pendant. We are specialists in creating delicate Pendants. We believe in ensuring that the customer has exactly what they imagined with their jewellery. We put all of our energy into creating the best pieces of jewellery for you.

You can speak to our head jeweller Nick Vrettas to find out how you can make the most of our customised service.

To find out more, you can book an appointment with us at our office in Toorak Village. Our resident jeweller will walk you through the entire process of what you will have to figure out to ensure that you have the best possible outcome of your piece.

In addition, we also have other services like:

Find the best shop to take care of all your needs associated with jewellery. At Diamond Jeweller, we ensure that all your requirements are taken care of.

Call us today at 0403 306 291 or Set up an appointment with us today and come visit us at our Toorak Village branch to find out more.