Trilogy Rings

Trilogy Rings

You have come to the right place if you are seeking something extraordinary. We present a wide spectrum of jaw-dropping trilogy rings for the stunning you.

The trilogy rings are a fantastic embodiment of the emotions of love and commitment and bonding. Featuring three center stones, the trilogy rings are three times more glamorous and exquisite than the other rings.

Symbols of the Design

A trilogy ring is a celebration of the past, present and future, the loop that is our life. It signifies hope and trust and steadfastness. Hope for a shining future, trust in the present and steadfastness in love.

While the stones stand for time in its three tense, they also symbolize love, faith and commitment, the three key emotions that define a relationship.

Three being an odd number, it also represents a cycle that has no beginning and therefore, no ending, just like the love one bears in their heart for one’s own partner.

The Designs

We follow no set rules or boundaries in designing our three-stone rings. We have rings in our gallery that feature three chunky stones like the classic three-stone rings. We also have pieces that feature three stones of the same size inside diamond inlaid halos. We also have rings in this section that feature emeralds, blue sapphire and other non-diamonds. But more often than not, these rings we adorn with diamond scraps and dust that tune up the sparkle and fire of the rings.

In our gallery, trilogy rings come in all classic, vintage and modern styles. We have handcrafted specimens from the bygone eras that we label as vintage-inspired. We also have the classic section which features designs that are traditional, and timeless.

Then we have the alternative section for the modern women of today who like their individuality expressed through totally unconventional styles.