Are you getting hitched soon this 2023? If so, congratulations on your new journey! If you happen to be in the market for engagement rings in Melbourne, you have endless options to try on. However, you should approach a reliable and trusted diamond jeweller with many styles and budgets and help you pick the right one. Choosing an engagement ring isn’t easy as it involves knowledge about the diamond cost, current pieces available in the market, diamond stones you wish to buy, and a mix of your gut feelings and instincts. If you want a head start on this and what to get, we have compiled a list of popular engagement rings in 2023 you can buy and slay on your engagement day. Let’s get to know!

Coloured Gemstones

Gemstones are a popular choice for everyone who wants to look subtle. For example, sapphire gemstones are a great option as an engagement ring as they are durable and said to bring love, luck, and happiness. It also symbolises loyalty, making it ideal for engagement rings. You can either have sapphire as center stones or as accents. Either way, sapphire rings look bridal, stunning, and a perfect bling on your finger.

Yellow Gold Bands

When you opt for a single center stone diamond ring, choose a yellow gold band to complement your center diamond stone. The best thing about choosing yellow gold bands is they hold the diamond in place, and their settings are safe compared to other complex versions.

Step-Cut Diamond Rings

If you are a die-hard minimalist but want a large bling on your finger, a square or rectangle cut diamond with clean architectural lines is perfect for someone who wants it to be stylish and minimal. You can even engrave the bands with tiny diamonds for extra bling.

Oval & Pear Rings

When choosing a flashy diamond ring for your engagement ring, people still prefer pear and oval-shaped diamond rings for their fingers. Because these types of engagement rings make the finger look elongated and spectacular in every way.

Vintage-Inspired Rings

No matter what, some brides always stick to traditional diamond ring collections they got inspired by their grandma or mom. You can get a mine-cut diamond and a vintage design to amp up your ring style. They look vintage, subtle, and princess-like.

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