Wedding rings are a true expression of the love you share with your spouse and also an eternal symbol of your union. It is not just a jewellery item that you purchase on a whim, but is a carefully thought out and planned process. You only buy wedding rings once, and they last a lifetime!

We at Nick Vrettas, have been a master jeweller of wedding rings Melbourne for over 35 years and have guided many stars crossed couples to choose the wedding rings that personifies their love and togetherness, that embodies their vows!

Nick Vrettas has been a master jeweller of wedding rings in Melbourne for well over 35 years and has guided couples in choosing the perfect wedding ring that matches not only the engagement ring but a piece of jewellery that personifies their love and commitment for each other and that embodies their vows!

If you are on the internet searching for the perfect wedding rings in Melbourne, that perfectly captures your personality, then read on to know more about wedding rings in Melbourne.

1.Different metal choices for wedding rings in Melbourne.

You might choose between silver or gold, but there are different metals out of which exquisite wedding rings can be designed and crafted in Melbourne. Here’s a list of metals and their qualities that make wedding rings crafted out of them truly special and unique.

  • Silver – a usual and old-school style metal which has been one of the earliest metal used for designing jewels.
  • Yellow Gold – a popular favourite of many, its value is based on the purity of the jewellery metal – its carat.
  • White Gold – elegant alchemy of gold in combination with other white metals, and plated with rhodium to get the dazzling shine.
  • Rose gold – a new favourite, its also called pink gold and its hardness and colour varies according to the carat.
  • Platinum – a true embodiment of strength, platinum never loses its shine and strong and hypoallergenic.
  • Titanium – a distinct colour makes it recognisable and stand out and is also light and hypoallergenic.

2.Profile of the wedding rings in Melbourne

Wedding rings are circular, but there are more varieties to its contour and profile, and understanding them will help you choose one that is comfortable to wear for years to come.

  • Court – Is one of the most popular shape for wedding rings in Melbourne, it has rounded edges and site comfortably on the ring finger.
  • Flat Court – edgier and looks flat, it is a combination of rounded inside with a straight (flat) exterior.
  • Concave – Makes for excellent textured wedding rings in Melbourne, its outer surface is in a concave shape and can make regular wedding ring something unique and edgy.
  • Flat – A more contemporary design that suits both men and women perfectly. It is flat all around.
  • Halo – A simplistic and age-old design that is still relevant and a popular choice.

3.Finishes on wedding rings in Melbourne

The finish on your wedding ring can tell a lot about your personality and your outlook. Make sure you understand the many finishes that are available at Nick Vrettas Jewels before you finalise it.

  • Mirror – a classic, highly shiny and reflective look.
  • Fine matte – finely scratched to get a misty look.
  • Coarse matte – if you love textured rings, you’ll surely go in for the coarse matte finish for your wedding rings in Melbourne.
  • Hammered -Textured and reflective, its reflect light in all directions.
  • Stardust – A exquisite combination of textured and high polishing, giving a feel of shiny stars with irregular sparkling.
  • Sandblasted – a technological finish – sandblasting the ring to provide it with a highly textured look.

4.Different styles of wedding rings in Melbourne

Now, that you have zeroed in on the metal, profile and finish, the styling on wedding rings make them personal and memorable. At Nick Vrettas Jewels, we can customise the style to any of the combinations you pick.

  • Plain Band – a classic style of no-fuss. Keeping it simple and elegant and wouldn’t clash with any extravagant engagement rings.
  • Gem Set – Adding a little sparkle to jazz up wedding rings. A single solitaire embedded can say a lot more than words can.
  • Shaped – a perfect style to pair up any large engagement ring.
  • Dual-tone – Like the union of two people, you can choose dual-tone. It is a seamless combination of 2 different metals, either inlay or sandwiched.
  • Engraved – personalizing your wedding ring with favourite quotes, initials or wedding dates.

At Nick Vrettas Jewels, we have been the master jewellers for over 35 years and have been exclusively designing and crafting stellar wedding rings in Melbourne. Any style, profile, metal or finish you wish to have on your wedding rings, we will design it to bring your dream to reality. All our precious stones and diamonds come with certification and a valuation. When you purchase your wedding rings for women from us, you can be walking out with insurance for your precious jewel. We highly recommend QReport as we are an accredited jeweller and they provide the best coverage Insurance to protect your one-of-a-kind wedding rings from any damages, loss or theft.

To find out more about wedding rings in Melbourne, and to choose the perfect wedding ring of your dreams, visit us at our store in Toorak or give us a call on +61 403306291.

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