Are you shopping for your diamond engagement rings online? Well, you have a lot of options. But if you are looking for something rare, gorgeous, and expensive, sapphire engagement rings are a regal choice. From the late princess Diana to princess Kate Middleton, royals adorned their fingers with sapphire rings. Wearing sapphire rings means that you are faithful, sincere, and honest, which is why even though trends change, they remain a timeless choice. If you are shopping for sapphire engagement rings, some knowledge about this gemstone and what you must look for in a sapphire ring would be a great kickstart. In today’s blog, let’s help you pick the perfect sapphire stone ring with subtle bling that turns heads on your big day.  Let’s get started.

The 4C’s

Like diamonds, sapphires are graded by the four C’s colour, cut, clarity, and carat. If you are very particular about the blue hue, check the colour of the gemstone. They are available in many blue hues ranging from strong to vivid including inky blue, twilight blue, oceanic blue, pale blue, and deep navy blue. When it comes to the most valued blue sapphires, velvety blue, violet-blue, and medium-dark tones. Sapphires with these qualities have the highest prices per carat. A sapphire’s quality is based on its colour and shape.

The Cut Stone Works Perfect With Sapphires

Popular cuts that work best for sapphires are round, oval, princess, and cushion-cut stones.

However, in terms of brilliance and elegance, round, pear-shaped, or tear-drop cuts are highly on demand. They sparkle beautifully like a statement piece, bringing all the attention to your finger.

Settings And Metals

Sapphires look fabulous in contemporary and traditional ring settings. Mostly, white gold and platinum work best for sapphires more than rose gold and yellow gold.

Sapphires Are Durable

Sapphires last a lifetime and are highly durable as diamonds. If it is taken care of carefully, they remain brand-new and elegant even when passed on to many generations.

Where Can You Source The high-quality Sapphires?

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