Diamond Engagement Rings Melbourne

Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Jeweller presents an eclectic line of engagement rings that are each designed to tell a story of romance. Crafted with love, care and precision, our handmade rings embody glamour, delicacy and beauty. 

Variety is the hallmark of our collection, for in every category we bring together miscellaneous options in shapes, designs, styles, prices and aesthetics. In Melbourne engagement rings, we have solitaire rings, halo rings, triads, clusters, pave and countless other styles that are coveted by people from all over the world.

While design and material are what make our rings stand out, it’s the gems that lend the final flourish. Knowing how important gems are to the cosmetic effect of a ring, we keep our focus steady on diamonds.

Our extensive collection comprises a bunch of diamond shapes, namely, round, marquise, pear, Asscher and the likes that portray our rings. We carry modernistic designs that are both practical and wearable. But that does not mean we leave out the ornate styles. Antique designs are a big part of our engagement ring gallery where you will see Edwardian themes to Art Deco flairs to Victorian filigree and much more.

How to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

When you find that perfect ring, you know that the hard work has paid off. But how to get there? One way to do it is with the help of information. Get as much information as possible about the kind of ring you are looking for. List down the details from material down to the Cs of the diamond. Now browse through online collections until you have found a unique ring that double checks all the points, or until you are satisfied with a find.

What makes a ring perfect is not the design, the diamond or the decor. A ring is perfect when all its elements work towards enhancing its beauty. So, a little hint would be to look for a ring that is more than the sum of its parts than to one with parts that stand out by themselves.

How Custom Engagement Rings Are Made?

Custom designing a ring is a fun exercise. To fully customize a ring, one must start at the design. We welcome our buyers to come on board with our designers and together embark on the journey of creating a bespoke ring that warranties the envy of the onlookers. We keep our buyers involved from start to end so that what you get is just what you asked for. From design to drawing, we take you through the whole process. Your satisfaction is all we seek and for that, we like to have you by our side as we design your dream ring.

How Much Time Does It Take to Custom-Build a Ring?

That depends on a number of factors, but to give you an idea, it takes an average of about 3 to 4 weeks to fully create a ring. However, some details may take longer.

Is the Salary Rule Still On?

Started in 1930, the 3-month salary rule is still followed by many buyers around the world. What we suggest however for all our buyers is to focus on just the ring and we will make it fit your pocket by the magic of customization.

Engagement Rings in Melbourne

If you’re looking for custom engagement rings in Melbourne, look no further than Diamond Jeweller. Our team specialises in creating and making stunning engagement rings for customers that stand the test of time. From the cut to the finish, we put in our heart and soul in making custom diamond engagement rings in Melbourne.

Custom Engagement Rings Melbourne

The engagement rings we make are truly unique and have a flavor of their own. We work with the customer as much as we can to get exactly what they are picturing. Or if you are someone who would rather leave it to the experts, we show you a variety of versions until we come across the one that you’re the most comfortable with.

Diamond Engagement Ring  in Melbourne

But how do you design your ideal engagement ring? We’re here to help with exactly that. Our experienced designer will take you through the process while fully assessing what it is you’re looking for.

It can be a very personal experience for you and we completely understand what comes with dealing with something of this importance. What you’re trying to design is not just any old present. This is a testament to the foundation of a relationship and a promise of the years ahead.

Reliable Engagement Rings Melbourne

We believe the experience of crafting the perfect ring is as important as the ring. Our personalisation services will help take your dreams and turn them into reality. We approach each and every customer design with relish and excitement! It’s always a great experience for us to make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for in this investment.

To find out more about how you can get started with the process, you can come down to our shop in Toorak Village or just give us a call at +61403306291