Diamond Multi Set Rings

Multi Set Rings

Multi-set rings are a style that has grown enormously popular among the modern women of today. They are seen in engagement ring galleries, in wedding bands sections, in cocktail rings and in every other range that has room for avant-garde designs.

If you have a discerning taste in jewellery and are always enticed by unusual coloured gems, shapes and settings, then the multi-set rings are your section.

We at Diamond Jeweller of Melbourne bring to you a wide selection of rings that satisfy your cravings for the rare and unusual. In our gallery, expect the unexpected.

The Meaning of the Design

Multi-set rings symbolically stand for luxuriance and style. It is a departure from tradition and entry into the arena adlib that was formerly not there. So, if you are looking for one meaning that this design holds, it’s stylistic liberation.

Our multi-set rings are a reflection of who you are. Browsing through our gallery, you will stop at the ring that defines you the most, and that would be your expression of individuality.

The Rise of Multi-Stone Rings

The multi-stone rings came to limelight when the mass started to bend away from traditional towards something more alternative. The multi-stone rings are just the opposite of solitaires, in that they feature stones galore that pave the band surface. The multi-stone rings gained a lot of attention and were instantly accepted into bridal and engagement jewellery styles.

Our Designs

We pride on our multi-set ring collection. Here, you will see some of the rarest and most exquisite pieces, each of which embodies a certain character, expressed a set of stylistic sensibilities. Black diamond rings, botanical designs, stack styles, ornate vintage motifs, these sections are dominated by elements most extraordinary.

Although we focus on diamonds, we break the norm whenever we see an opportunity to introduce stunning coloured gems in the designs. After all, standing out is what this section is all about.