Solitaire Multi Set Rings

Solitaire Multi Set Rings

Congratulations to you for considering a solitaire multi-set ring as your engagement ring, for you have taste apart from all others. A solitaire wrapped in diamonds; these rings are the new versions of solitaires that have caught the fancy of all.Read Less

These star-studded rings are part of our signature section where we exhibit our finest. Handcrafted and overloaded, the solitaire multi-set ring is something you would at once fall in love with.

A Close-up

A solitaire multi-pave ring is one that features a sterling diamond at the center like solitaire and a band that is decked with countless smaller diamonds. Glittering and shimmering, a multi-set solitaire is blindingly beautiful.

Its Symbolic Meaning

The solitaire multi set design is relatively new and therefore does not have a standard meaning yet, but it takes little to guess what one such ring could stand for. The multi-set solitaires symbolize the love that is like fireworks. It stands for love and commitment which is as grandiose as the ring itself. It also means endless love like the diamonds that wrap the ring all around giving it the radiance and beauty of a star.

The Origin

A solitaire dates back to many hundreds of years, but a multi-set solitaire is very new. Born out of the demand for out-of-the-world designs that leave buyers breathless, these rings are the face of luxuriance.

In our designs, our multi-set solitaires live up to their image of luxe and mesmerization. Packed with diamonds all over, our multi-set solitaires are handcrafted by Award-winning Master Jeweller Nick Veritas.

Diamond Jeweller takes great care in designing each one of our beautiful rings. As a result, our galleries only carry stunning multi-set solitaires that have marked designs and maximum bling. We know how you love bling and for you, we exclusively present this range which we hope will satisfy your obsession with bling. Call us today at  0403 306 291.