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Men’s rings today are smart and stylish, a clear reflection of their wearers. In that, the rings are modern, often forward, and minimal, but all very contemporary, but in their styles and details, the rings attempt to convey the precise style and taste of the wearers.

Diamond Jeweller of Melbourne has put together an exclusive section of men’s rings that adhere to the ongoing trends in men’s jewellery while bringing to the table a refreshing difference which is absolutely original. Explore new styles with our gent’s rings that often feature diamonds and bear finishes from classical to modern, but regardless a perfect fit for your personality.

The Clean and Minimal Bands

Our collection of gents rings could be broadly classified into two categories, the dainty bands and the iconic ones. The minimal bands which take up most of the collection starting at the low end are simple and stylish. They feature mixed metals, mixed finishes and tiny gems that wonderfully elevate ordinary bands to the style of understated excellence. Stripes are predominant in all our men’s bands. To add to that, our designers also introduce small diamonds in interesting motifs that dial up the aesthetics without sending the price spiraling out of control.

The Statement Side of Our Collection

On the statement side of our collection, you will see some of our finest pieces. The rings here are ornate and catchy, the types that will grab anyone’s attention and leave them breathless at a glance. Check out some of our gents rings at the top of the range. They exhibit attention-getting designs, interesting details, artistic stonework and above all a creative flow that was not previously atypical of the men’s section. We have solitaires and clusters, and rings of all fashion in this section.

We also accept customization requests for gents rings in this category. In fact our Master Jeweller Nick Vrettas will personally customise your ring to your exact requirements.