Ring trends change every year. Whether it’s men engagement rings or women engagement rings, styles keep changing & it’s good to get to know what’s on-trend. Jewellery has been the shortest cut to investment and wins your partner’s heart. Well, in that case, we present you with the most heart-throbbing engagement ring styles 2022. Let’s check them out without delay.

Eternity Band Rings

The hottest engagement ring style that people are crazy about is Eternity Band Rings. As the name sounds, eternity rings represent everlasting love and romance while staying chic & fashionable. They are multiple bands with different designs, specifically designed to adorn your fingers. If you wish for extra bling on the same finger, you can go for this Eternity Band Rings. The ring has multiple diamonds throughout the ring instead of a single center stone.

Sapphire Rings

Gemstones are always special. Sapphire gemstones offer a style statement that no one can & it is one of the main reasons why women have a keen liking towards sapphire rings. A royal blue sapphire ring brings luck and happiness to life. More than that gemstones speak for themselves. Be it a solitaire or halo ring setting, sapphire rings are sure to leave a sparkle.

Simple Rings

What can be more luxurious than a simple staple ring with a classic solitaire rings setting? They are timeless. An all-time classic that never gets old. A plain metal band and the centre diamond deliver the pure beauty of the stone. With a simple setting, it can make the stone stand out & make the fingers look slender & beautiful.

Pave Band Engagement Rings

Pave band engagement rings are a hit these days. To maximise the sparkle, try to pave band engagement rings. They look spectacular in all their glory and are a perfect sumptuous beauty. The ring is encrusted with small diamonds all along with the band. Its intricate setting gives the band the appearance of a solid diamond surface. Whether half-pave or full pave, these are a double-bling to your hand.

Cathedral Ring Setting

The most luxurious & popular ring trend due to its unique style is the Cathedral Ring setting. It resembles the classic arches of ancient cathedrals & allows the stone to appear much large. The arch adds significant height & sophistication in every angle. Also, the unique design secures the center stone in place, accentuates the stone & more elegant.

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