Brides! What are you after this time? If you have been searching for birthstone engagement rings online, there are plenty of options for you. However, if you are a March babe, aquamarine rings are the ones you can consider. Aquamarine symbolises happy marriages and it is the best ring to buy for your wedding. Also, wearing an aquamarine ring reflects trust, love, harmony and fidelity, purity, and clarification. Aquamarine gemstones range from deep blue to turquoise green, pastel blue, and in a variety of hues. So, when looking for colour variations, it’s best to choose a colour that speaks your style. The reason why aquamarine rings are getting popular these days is that they look out-of-the-box add a meaningful charm and top high in the investment category.

 Why are aquamarine gemstone rings special?

There is a beautiful history of this Aquamarine it is named after seawater and has a watery blue hue.  Aquamarine gemstones have the immense power of the sea and calming energy. Whether you’re the soon-to-be bride or shopping for your loved one, gift this engagement ring to pay a tribute to your relationship. Aquamarine gemstones are extremely durable and it makes a great choice for all types of jewellery, especially wedding or engagement rings.

Choose A Style

Whether as a single center stone in a solitaire ring surrounded by diamonds or as a symphony of sparkling gems around a metal band, they are a dazzling beauty with brilliance.

Aquamarine gemstones may pair with all types of metals. However, ask a jeweller to customise the ring for you. If you are opting for gold metal, choose a greenish stone. For deep blue stones, you can go for white gold metal to make the stone stand out.

The best setting for an Aquamarine ring is emerald. Many prefer square and rectangular shapes to enhance the stone’s look. You can work with a diamond jeweller for the perfect stone that is free from visible flaws and has even colour.

When it comes to Aquamarine engagement rings, solitaire and halo rings are popular choices. You can pair your aquamarine stone with diamonds or white gold or platinum to enjoy its majestic brilliance and beauty.

Bottom Line

If you want to have this blue beauty of the sea in your engagement ring, checkout our stunning collection of aquamarine rings perfect for your special occasion.  To pick the best aquamarine engagement ring for your soon-to-be wife, visit the Diamond Jeweller today. For more info on our products, call us on 0403 306 291 today.

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